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In the early morning,
I can feel you.
Stay, if you can. 
I know that it is cold here
and I will give you warmth

if you will let me. 
I want to bring you up
from sleep
into day.

I just went on the first date that I've been on since my ex-fiance and I broke up in July. It's weird to be dating again, and it's turned my thoughts to the future, and to the possible future lover that I haven't yet met. 
All birth is solitary-making.

It is into this that we return -
we bear ourselves organically
                      into solitude,
                      into quiet;

and it is this that I have done,
like all of my brothers before me.
                      I retreat,
                      from you.

This is not a killing-off.
Look into my eyes and see this -
beneath this desert of bed
I remember you.
The truth in my solitude:
This was apparently written a few months ago and I just left it hanging in my drafts. So yeah.
It is cold, I said,
and it was. In winter,

there is no sun
and the doors freeze shut.
The windows go black with dark
and the walls stop breathing.

Under the bed, I have stored leaves -
monuments to a thousand summers.
They crowd the dark spaces and
give me dreams of warmer days:
remember the sunset in June;
remember the wind on skin -

and I have photos. Here,
my father is chopping wood.
Here, my grandfather stands on the cliffs.
Even in winter, you can hold the world;

the whole of it fits under the bed
or set in a frame on the nightstand.
This was written for Category 2 of the Inspiration contest! hosted by dA-WritersRevolution.

It's been a while since I've written from a prompt, haha.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
My father is not a murderer. 
This is a blessing -
as if the proof of past innocence
promises future innocence. It 
does not. From him,
I inherit 

alcoholism, a high 
forehead, depression,
dry skin -
these are those that bind us

When I told my mother
I was gay, she sighed. 
She did not say: faggot
She did not say: I love you
She did not say: I know

We smoked cigarettes on the porch
in silence,
the smoke enough words for both of us.

I know that there is nothing in me.
Take away these arms, these
lips, these 
old bones

and I will not, 
in fact,
fly away. 

Bury me by the old oak tree, 
my father said, and when he finally dies,
we'll bury him where we bury everyone
and he won't say shit about it.
I will transmute myself:
       flesh into flower,
       bone into bark;
and I will fall into myself
with the weight of it all,
and when it is time,
I will unhinge, blooming,
uprooted and jaggedly blossomed,
and even this will be prelude
to the upwardness of growth.


And I will know:
growth entails stillness.
With patience, I will cultivate myself
unceremoniously, desperately;
I will not be heavy-handed
nor dense in presence.
I will be still:
still and inching and still, unceasing
until I shuck myself,
give birth to the heartwood beneath,
and bear myself, quietlike, against the hillside.


Someday, someone will recall
the scatted membranes of summer
and roll back into sleep,
wishing for the curl of a lover's hair
or the ghost of skin or voice:
of this, there is certainty.
The Oracle at Dawn
An oldie but a goodie.
I haven't been writing lately because I've had some personal stuff going on. I was engaged, but that relationship ended a few weeks ago after a long time of being difficult to handle. After the relationship ended, I moved to a new city, and I'm moving from place to place until the 15th, when I have a place to stay that is truly mine. 

Because of all of the upheaval -- emotional and literal -- I just haven't written anything. I'm sure that I will, soon; a place of pain is a place from which many people draw inspiration. For now, though, I'm going to lay down with my cat, watch Netflix and eat a bunch of pizza.


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I'm a college student that likes to write poems. Occasionally, I'll write a short story or two. Beyond that, I mostly sit around in my house and read.

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